I’m back!

Didn’t I hear that in a movie? Not important. What is important is that after many months of revision, reworking, re-editing, re-, re-, re-…The Chronicles of the Sons of None – Connor, Book One is back in print. Well, electronically printed. And, hopefully, soon to be in paperback again.

Release Date is August 16, 2017.

You should be able to find The Chronicles on the following electronic platforms:

• iBooks
• Barnes & Noble
• Kobo (including Kobo Plus)
• Inktera (formally Page Foundry)
• Scribd
• 24Symbols
• Tolino
• Playster
• OverDrive (libraries)
• Kindle

I want to give a shout-out and a hat tip to my awesome editor and fellow writer, Jessie Sanders, that you can meet here: http://www.stormynightpublishing.com .  She’s amazing!

If you have problems finding the book on any of these platforms listed you should call your congressman and demand assistance, write your senator and tell him if he can’t fix this problem he should not look for another six-year term, email President Trump and say Really? We elected you to get things done! Why is KM’s book not available NOW, Sir?!

Or you could just email me and I’ll see what I can do about it.

For a limited time, Book One will be available on Kindle (and other formats) for only $.99 – you got it! For less than the Dollar Menu at your local fast food joint. It’s a huge help for me as an independently published author to garner as many positive Amazon/Kindle reviews as possible. It’s all about the rankings to get noticed. The more reviews, the higher up the rankings I move with Kindle which gives me even more exposure to a wider audience. The higher up the rankings, the more books I sell. And there’s that house in Hawaii I’ve been looking at…wait! Did I say that? What I meant was…I want all the children of the world to hold hands and sing in peace and harmony…uh-hmm…so do me the kind favor of posting a review on Kindle after you’ve read the beloved tome. Also note, that you have to actually purchase the book to have an “authentically recognized” review. And those are the kind I need.

There are some significant changes from the first edition, so even if you’ve read the original, you will not be disappointed in a second read. One change which has nothing to do with plot line is in the dedication. It’s kind of bitter sweet.

In its first iteration, this book was lovingly dedicated to my daughter, Ruth, whose short stay on this planet graced my life with her beauty and wit. Present day, with the completion of this second edition, I find myself once again face to face with the untimely death of a beloved child. This time, it was not my own, but the son of very close friends, a young lad who grew up with my children. In circumstances that left far too many unanswered questions, he was ripped from the lives of two incredibly loving parents and his sweet sister. His short twenty years on this planet abruptly crashed to an end.

In honor of this young man and for the sake of others like him who struggle to find their place in life, I dedicate this second edition of The Chronicles of the Sons of None to Gabriel Phillip Magulias. May his death not be in vain. May his family find solace in seeing other young men find themselves rooted and grounded in Christ. May his grain of wheat, falling into the earth, bring forth much fruit.
Read the following poem that poured from Gabriel’s heart as he entered his teen years. Let these words inspire you, you who struggle in this life:

Lord, I can’t believe what you did for me
Just the way you took my sins from me.
I give you praise, just the way it should be.
“I was lost but now I’m found”
And I just can’t help but spread your news,
To say it loud
And put on the true armor of the Lord.
I scream, “I’m free.”
The way it should be.
All my needs provided for me.
I just feel so free.
Sin was all I knew
Until the day was through
And I came back to you.
You saw me through
And turned me new
Just like you came to do.
And now my praise is just to you.