afghgcghFrontcoverK.M.’s first series, The Chronicles of the Sons of None is a story spun from a Christian theme generously laced with action, science fiction, and fantasy. In this series we are introduced to the Keepers, an elite group of individuals who have seen The Garden of Eden and have been tasked with guarding its location and the secrets held in the Temple in the garden. These Keepers work alongside four Immortals sent from the throne room of heaven to guard, guide, and periodically intervene in the affairs of the human race. In the process of carrying out the edicts of heaven’s King, these Immortals and their Keepers find themselves contending with fallen angels and demonic spirits, other Keepers who fell from grace, and powerful and nefarious Mortals whose desire for immortality sets them at odds with the Immortals. In the ensuing conflict between these forces, the reader is taken on a heart-pounding ride that traverses heaven, earth, and mythological lands of old.  It’s a place where the line between Dreams and Reality is often blurred and as the character Ruth tells us, Time isn’t the same here.”

Come! Take a ride with me into the world of what if!

Order K.M.’s books at Book one is currently available through Tate Publishing. Book two will be available at the beginning of 2016.

K.M. Paradice