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Body of Christ Part Two

In Part One of our look at the church, we took a peek at some of the currently accepted church norms that, in truth, are not scripturally normal at all. We discussed how it is often good to know what something is not as well as to know what it is. In this particular portion of the discussion I want to look at some of the scriptural points of reference to describe the positive side, i.e. what the church actually is. That beautiful Bride of Christ described in scripture is amazing and glorious, full of faith, hope, and power. It is a thriving organism, not a dead organization.

Recall that if it’s in the Book we want to do it, and if it is not in the Book we do not want to do it. With this as the backdrop of our discussion let’s take a serious look at the church as it is actually recorded in the new covenant. Continue reading

Blog Series on The Body of Christ

In these articles, I want to discuss some foundational issues concerning the church. As it has been my continued observation over a period of 45 years that a scriptural understanding of what the church is is missing from that which calls itself the church, this discussion is considered paramount to growth in Christ individually and corporately. Though I am not the first to wade into these muddied waters, I now choose to do so as it seems that no one that I have observed has done so without sacrificing some truth somewhere. The guiding principle behind any attempt at delving into church structure must be this basic tenet:  Continue reading

The Chronicles of the Sons of None – Book Two Diana Now Available

Book Two in The Chronicles of the Sons of None is now available for a limited time FREE on Here’s the URL:

Pick up your copy today and don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon. These reviews are very important for those of us who are independent authors/publishers. Thanks ahead of time!



The Gathering Place – Bridging Short Story Between Book One and Book Two

The Gathering Place is a short story that bridges the gap between The Chronicles of the sons of None – Connor and The Chronicles of the Sons of None – Diana. This story is built around two of the Immortal Creatures competing in telling the stories of the lives of two recent arrivals in heaven. And we get a  teaser about some upcoming events in Books Two, Three and Four.

Connor and The Gathering Place are currently available on (for free!). Use these URLs:

Book One – Connor:

Short Story – The Gathering Place:

Enjoy! And don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon.



I Absolutely Will Not Post One of those New Year’s Posts

Years ago, when he first started his standup routine, Steve Martin had this utterly bizarre and ridiculous schtick he performed called “Nose on Microphone Routine” and he would start by saying, “There is absolutely no way I’m going to do it. You can’t make me do it. I won’t. I don’t care how hard you beg, I will NOT do it.” He would pause briefly and then say something like, “Okay, you win, I’ll do it.” And he would stick his nose on the microphone and just stand there.  Continue reading

Second Edition: The Chronicles of the Sons of None Release Date August 16, 2017

I’m back!

Continue reading

A Near-Death Experience aka Two Men and a Horse Go Into a Bar

On January 3, 2017, I awoke from a medically-induced sleep to find a cardiologist staring into my face saying, “You have to have open heart surgery!” I said, “You’re joking, right?” And he said, “No, if I were joking, I’d say ‘two men and a horse go into a bar’.”

Continue reading

The Promises of God

I’m not talking about pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by promises. I mean those intensely personal words that the Holy Spirit has whispered to you in your private time with Him, that white stone with the name written on it that only you and God can read, those scriptures that suddenly burned like fire in your soul when you walked with him in the cool of your Garden Enclosed.

And the years went by. Continue reading

Bookmarks & Bite Marks – An Eternal Perspective

She was maybe only 3, that cherubic doll with Shirley Temple curls, when she slipped her chubby little fingers through the pages in my Bible and waddled away with my beautiful new leather bookmark, you know, the one that had the words JOY JOY JOY JOY inscribed in gold lettering from top to bottom. Holding it in her mouth to facilitate her getaway, off she scampered, Joy dangling from her teeth, slobber drenching that fresh cowhide, my bookmark, my precious, my Joy-filled objet d’art! Continue reading

Welcome to the World of K.M. Paradice

I realized, after the fact, that I never posted anything here. So, post-post, I simply wanted to say…

This is where it all begins with my Blog. My stated purpose (if I were to state it) would be to write from the heart, from that place where God has walked with me and instructed me concerning life, family, business, church…dare I say politics…and offer some thoughts. You are not obliged to believe what I believe. (What a boring world that would be!) But, you do believe something. Maybe you can gather a few nuggets here, a few small stones to add to your sling when giants attack. Maybe you can offer something up in return that helps us both on our journey! Consider the words of our friend Paul in Corinthians where he says We are the body of Christ. The hand needs the foot. The elbow needs the knee joint. You get the point.

Let’s see if it is possible to encourage one another!


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