Hello! And Welcome!  I’m K.M. Paradice.

Besides having an interesting name (yep! It really is Paradise with a c), I’m an author,  a blogger,  a businessman,  a teacher.

I’m a husband and a father. I have five beautiful daughters and three handsome sons. I’ll share some stuff about them along the way.

I take out the trash. I frequently cook dinner for my family. I often function as the family chauffeur.

I’ve occasionally been very successful at something. I have also failed miserably at a few things.

Together with my wife, I held my oldest daughter in my arms when she took her last breath. (Comes under the category of things you don’t think will happen to you.) But it did, and I lived. And not just lived, I found God through the whole process, still loving me, still hanging around to talk to me. (I am inclined to think he likes me.)

Mostly, I’m a man who loves God. All that other stuff says things about me, but it’s not who I really am. When my kids were little, we tried to teach them that life is not really about them. All the while, God was using my mouth to teach me that life really is not about me. Funny how that happens.

Today, I start my first blog. I’ve a lot to say. Sometimes I will try to encourage you with my words (hopefully I won’t discourage you). Sometimes I’ll share something funny that happened with my family (with eight adopted kids, there are tons of funny stories to tell). From time to time, I may comment on something political. I may share something that I read that meant something at that moment. I’ll probably talk about my writing (that’s what I do these days).

So, come back and visit often. You might find something of interest. I hope you do.

Thanks for stopping by!